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Vintage Portrait of a girl dancing in the candlelight.

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Compassionate Hatred – The Messianic Times

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from one of the men who attend our congregation. His grandson had fallen while playing, and it appeared…

Source: Compassionate Hatred – The Messianic Times

Why is Jesus’ resurrection important?

Source: Why is Jesus’ resurrection important?

Peace with God

The peace offerings represent relationship, fellowship and peace between God and man. Eating of the peace offering was like eating from God’s own table. When a person is not at peace with God, he has no peace. God is the absolute subject of reality, so to be at war with God is to be at war with reality.

Source: Peace with God


The Sower Portrait

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Silhouette of a deer that reads: “Trust”.

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My Devotional – Leading The Way

Source: My Devotional – Leading The Way


Pressing Forward

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Bold Blue Blessed Assurance at Zazzle.ca

Bold Blue Blessed Assurance at Zazzle.ca.