Half numb, half lying

I enjoyed this-

Let's talk about the L word!

Soporous during the day yet the dusk seems to return and approach with some reminiscent essence, a past scent, intensified but prone to evaporate just as soon as it arrives. To push it away or to invite it, or maybe not invite but instead accept it whenever it is in touch… either reaction will do, for the result here to be achieved is of no importance anymore. And yes, I made myself believe in that so I could endure what I couldn’t tend or control. I hadn’t any other way of reacting to a struggle that was mum, that could be summed up by the sum of our two faint gazes.

The days blow it away, remove these ashes of a heart that never quite burned for anyone able to receive such heat. It warmed me instead, and eventually you, for your heart might have been kind of numb or…

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