Silly Labels vs Badges of Honor

I enjoyed reading this:

Mystery Solved with Messiah Jesus

Recently I have been called self-righteous and judgmental by an individual I thought to be an acquaintance friend because we disagreed on a political matter. Sadly, I have noticed that this election year has brought out more strong reactions and emotions than ever before. If you are not for someone else’s candidate, you are suddenly assumed to be all sort of labels that are silly in the extreme. For the record, I am not going to tell you who I am voting for because I believe strongly in the secret ballot but I am neither a Socialist nor a Fundamentalist Extremist – both labels that have been ascribed to me lately. How could I be both?

However, and after taking one of those spiritual gifts quizzes, there is a label that I wear as a badge of honor that often gets me in trouble – Prophet.

Not the kind of…

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