The Work of Ashley Ormon

No one ever says “SCORE!” and rejoices when they fail. We’d prefer not to broadcast our mistakes and failures. It’s like walking in public, tripping, and then trying to play it off hoping no one saw. In other words, we’d like to brush off the bad times and forget they ever existed.

Today, I was thinking about some mistakes I’ve made – pretty bad ones – and although I can say “I regret that” I won’t. In some odd kind of way, I’m thankful for my mistakes.


Unique Wisdom:

  • Believe it or not, we can often learn more from what we did wrong than what we’ve done well. As my father always says, “If you didn’t learn what to do, than hopefully you learned what not to do.” Mistakes make us wiser, better, and more experienced in ways doing well cannot.

Helping Others:

  • Making mistakes has allowed me to…

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